Armoured cars

Vehicles are more often being armoured. Most of these vehicles have standard air suspension, which no longer works properly after all the extra weight of the armouring being added.

We supply solutions so that the standard air suspension system remains intact.

Most importantly is that the vehicle offers comfort and is easy to steer, even at high speeds.

Fertilizer injectors

Another part of our Specials are agricultural vehicles. We deliver the best suspension for your Fertilizer injector.

A well known Fertilizer Injector which uses our dampers is the ‘Duport All Track Fertilizer’.


Another part of Reiger Suspension Specials are carriages. Do you need the best suspension for your carriages? We develop custom dampers for every model.

Contact us and together we will look into the best possibilities for your carriage.


Suspension for a plane? Is that even possible to make? Yes it is. And Reiger Suspension makes these dampers. It is only a small part of all our innovative solutions.

We sometimes work on a special vehicle. Another time, it could be a bridge. And sometimes we work on solutions to perfect an already finished concept.

It is very exciting and dangerous to land a plane. Reiger Suspension ensures you that the impact of the landing will be absorbed perfectly.