Our shock absorbers are made exactly for the extreme conditions you encounter. We develop and produce everything ourselves. There are several options available. We also default shock absorbers to your properties.

Contact us for the possibilities for your damper. We make basic dampers with only compression and rebound adjustments, designed to control your input and output damping. This way you can find the optimal balance between stability, traction and comfort. In addition, some dampers can be used to mount additional options. For air suspension, Reiger has developed a new innovation, namely Reiger Spring Insert.

DP (double piston), for example, provides progressive intake damping, which allows you to drive comfortably without causing the damper to pass.

The RCV (rebound control valve) feels whether the wheel is on the ground and adjusts the damping so that the wheel will hit the ground as quickly as possible and you have so much more traction. ICS (intelligent compression system) is our patented, revolutionary damping system.

This system feels whether the chassis goes down (for example after a jump) or the wheel up (at a bump) and adjusts the damping.

Shock absorber

Front fork